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  • Product name: Copper Phosphorus Brazing Filler Metals

Applications and Features

Copper and phosphorus are principle elements of the product, it owns good fluidity and is applied in the resistance brazing, flame brazing and high frequency brazing. It is used in brazing of copper and copper alloys, but not in brazing of ferrous metals. The product is applied widely in the industries of refrigeration, household appliances, electric machinery, electric appliance and instrument etc. Flux is unnecessary when brazing copper as phosphorus plays a role of flux. Cleaning the surface of brazing metals strictly before brazing is necessary to remove the dirty such as oil, oxides etc.



型号 化学成分(质量分数)/% 熔化温度范围/℃(参考值) 国外型号对照
Cu P 其他 固相线 液相线
BCu95P 4.8~5.3 / 710 925 BCuP1(JIS)
BCu95P 5.9~6.5 / 710 890 CuP179(ISO)
BCu93P 6.8~7.5 / 710 793 BCuP2(AWS,JIS)
BCu92P 7.5~8.1 / 710 770 CuP181a(ISO)
BCu87PSn(Si) 6.0~7.0 Sn6.0~7.0
635 675 BCuP9(AWS,JIS)
BCu86SnP 6.4~7.2 Sn6.5~7.5 650 700 CuP385a(ISO)
BCu86SnPNi 4.8~5.8 Sn7.0~8.0
620 670  
BCu90PSn 6.5~7.0 Sn2~4 650 730  
BCu92PSb 5.6~6.4 Sb1.8~2.2 690 825 CuP389(ISO)