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The 19th Annual National Academic Conference on Brazing, Solderingand Special Joining Technologies- Special Committee Plenary Meeting was convened in Tianjin

Date:2014-12-31 15:33:07

During 18th-20th September2014, Huaguang’s General Manager Wang, Xiaorong and Technology Director Yu, Dingkun attended the 19th Annual National Brazing Academic Conferencein Tianjin.The theme of the conference was “advanced welding materials, technologies and applications—green, healthy and sustainable”.The conference was divided into 5branch venues dedicated to

-         Brazing and Special Joining;

-         Surfacing Engineering;

-         Metal Weldability and Welding Materials;

-         Welding Manufacturing andQuality Assurance;

-         Welding Mechanics, StructuralDesign and Manufacturing.

The Brazing and Special Joining Committee Plenary Meeting was held after the conference.During the meeting, the committee members summarized the Beijing 2014 International Annual Conference on Brazing, and also discussed plans for next year’s conference.

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