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Huaguang Successfully Passed the Provincial Security Standardization Review

Date:2014-12-31 17:26:59

On Aug 21st2014, Huaguang Successfully Passed the Provincial Security Standardization Review.

Prior to the review, Huaguangemployees had prepared meticulously for the rectification of safety standardization. We had edited more than 20 safety management manuals, which covered topics such as the management of potential working hazards, the proper use of machines and the quality assurance of fire-fighting equipment.

Besides the standardization processes mentioned above, we also refined our organizational structure for safety management. We have delivered our working expectations to the work-site safety supervisors. The standardization of safety management emphasizes the dealing of working hazards and the allocation of safety equipment cost. We believe that the refinements of safety managements will improve the well-being and working performance of our employees.

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