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Basketball Matches Held in Huaguang

Date:2012-12-25 13:47:44

On November 7, 2012, Huaguang started a succession of basketball matches on the company’s newly built outdoor basketball court. The players were from different departments of the company and they formed five teams. They were named the “Sky”, the “V5”, the “Slamdunk”, the “Flying Tiger” and the “Cosmos” which demonstrated the will of the players.

The matches promoted friendship among participants who were unfamiliar with each other before and aroused the audience’s interests to play basketball as well. In order to attract more staff to join the matches, the company added two additional forms of competition just for fun on November 24.

In the final match on December 25, the “Cosmos” team won the championship by beating the “Slamdunk” team. The result was 69-48.

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