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Lantern Festival “Pen Club” Filled with Happiness

Date:2014-05-26 16:20:22

On February 15th, Huaguang “Pen Club” gathered together to celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival in the multifunctional room on the fifth floor. The weather was perfectly fine after snowing and the members of the club gathered together to write the Chinese character “Fook” which means happiness and health. Various “Fook”s from employees represented the best wishes for happier life and brighter future. Pairs of 124 “Fook”s were pasted on the board which formed a huge painting called “Hundred Blessing”. It seemed that the first Huaguang Guinness Record had been created in 2014.

In the canteen on the second floor, more than 40 red lanterns were hanged which showed the creativity of Huaguang people and various kinds of dumplings were served there.




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