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Committee Members from Yuhang District People's Congress Visited Huaguang

Date:2014-05-26 16:33:56

On March 20th, 2014, Mr. Wang Honger, Director of Yuhang District People's Congresstogether with 40 other members from Yuhang government institutions visited Huaguang. They were deeply drawn by the achievements and progress in terms of Huaguang’s technical innovations.

Ms. Jin Limei, general manager of Huaguang elaborated Huaguang’s production management, technical innovations and market development in the past two year. She also introduced the business strategies, the development of further industrial upgrading and the machine-orientated project. Director Wang and many other visitors highly praised the outstanding performance of Huaguang. At the end of their visit, the committee members inquired about the difficulties encountered by Huaguang and expressed their best wishes for the company.


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