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Huaguang Motto

Intergrity, Diligence, Innovation and Devotion


Management Missions

To carry on the Huaguang motto of “Intergrity, Diligence, Innovation and Devotion”,to establish the machenism of modern enterprise which is market-oriented, to inspire technical innovations,to take into account the interests of its shareholders, to encourage its employees to pursue happiness, to createvalue for its customers, and to contribute to social development.


Management Policies


Quality Policy: To ensure quality control, excellent services and meticulous work, and to build up harmonious relationships with our customers by providing top-quality products.

Environmental Policy: To comply with laws and regulations related to environmental protection, ecology, improvement and sustainability.

Safety and health Policy: To take into account the safety and health of the employees and to prevent whatever hazards. Stick to people oriented, take into account the safety and health of the employees; Observe law and discipline, continually reducing safety risk; carry on scientific management, prevention first and continuous improvement